How to choose the perfect wedding ring.

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It’s probably going to be the be the biggest day of your lives. The day you plan and prepare for is just around the corner. Most wedding ring purchases are usually one of the last things you tick off on the ‘to do’ list so it’s no surprise that some people can come to us a little overwhelmed at this stage. So if you’re planning on getting married this year take a moment; pop the kettle on, put your feet up as we bring to you everything you need to know when it comes to choosing that perfect wedding ring.


First thing you’d probably need to discuss like most things when it comes to your wedding is budget. Wedding rings can really vary in price so decide from the get go how much it is you want to spend collectively on your rings. This will help our designer understand the type of metals and materials they can work with as well as getting a rough idea of the weight of the weds.



Before you’ve even considered your budget the first thing you thought about was maybe what style of ring do you want. Whilst most groomsmen in particular opt for a plain band, the possibilities can be endless. Have a think of the following before you book your appointment: do you want a matching set? Will you want stones set? Channel and beaded sets tend to be the most popular for wedding rings using princess or round brilliance diamonds. If you want to understand more about diamonds then have a read of our blog post: ‘ Understanding the diamond you’re buying.

It’s also worth thinking about the kind of shape are you after in a wed. If you are a complete novice to jewellery then don’t worry too much – we can look at shapes together during your appointment. For starters, a  popular shape of wedding band is the comfort fit. Designed to sit tighter yet still feel comfortable on the finger, the comfort fit has a design in which you wouldn’t really feel the whole band being on the finger, unlike the half round shape. The half round tends to be more of a simple band in design and is more traditional. You would be able to feel the whole of the band around your finger. 

Some brides like the idea of their wedding ring interlinking with their engagement ring. This is something that’s always popular and can compliment your engagement ring beautifully.

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After budget this is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your wedding ring. The choice of metal really determines how much you’ll be spending. Ladies when it comes to choosing your ring we usually recommend that it is made of the same properties as the engagement ring as it’s important to preserve the quality of both rings. The top metals we usually work with are the following:


Yellow, rose or white gold, this metal still remains popular with wedding rings. The price of gold can depend on the weight, carat and rarity of the material. If you’d like a different material to stand against a diamond engagement ring that’s very on trend then why not try a rose gold band? Rose gold is feminine, delicate and doesn’t tarnish.  If you’d prefer more of a classic look then yellow gold is very traditional and timeless. If you’d prefer a silver tone then white gold may be best suited. White gold will lose it’s brightness over time so it’s worth popping back to us once in a while for us to bring that shine back to life.


If you’re after luxury then you won’t be disappointed with Platinum as a metal. Hardwearing and a rarer form of metal, Platinum will indeed come with a higher price point than most metals. If you’re looking for a metal that will hold the stones in a ring then this would be a match made in heaven.


A metal that’s increased in popularity over the last couple of years has been Palladium. Still belonging the same family as platinum this metal is lot lighter and can be more affordable. It’s always worth getting a quote for platinum and palladium rings however when you are in an appointment as the difference in price can change daily.  A durable metal a palladium ring wouldn’t require Rhodium plating.

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A great material if you’re after a really durable wedding ring. Great for those that work in a trade; such as builder, plumber, electrician and use their hands for their work. More affordable than gold – it’s a great material that’s very hard to bend and get out of shape and requires minimal maintenance.

Your appointment

 Once you’ve established a budget with your partner it’s always a good idea to book an appointment with a House of Solus designer to get the ball rolling. Located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, the design studio is a private space where you can talk about your expenditure, ideas and thoughts over a refreshment with your jeweller. 

Jill came to visit us at the end of 2018 from oversees in search of designing a set of wedding rings which she intended on surprising her fiancé with upon her return to Australia. After getting to know her requirements, Jill and Gemma designed a pair of stunning 18 carat white gold wedding rings.


‘It was very special for me to return home to design our rings and meeting House of Solus seemed like it was meant to be.’

Jill and Rod 2019

Once the design was confirmed our team of jewellers got to work in creating the pair of special bespoke weds which were then flown out to Australia ready for the Jill and
Rod’s wedding in February. 

Our ethos is simple. We will understand your needs, work within your budget and most importantly listen.

The finer detail

You might also want to have a think about the finer detail too such as engraving. If it’s something that you like the idea of but are uncertain on the choice, then don’t worry – this is something we can always add after you’ve tied the knot.  

When to book

We’d usually recommend for bespoke wedding rings to book an appointment with our design team around 6-8 weeks in advance of the wedding, although you can book in whenever you want to start looking at designs and ideas.  

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