How to care for your jewellery

How to care for your jewellery

So you’ve had your design consultation, you’ve waited for that special piece to be made just for you and now it’s time for you to enjoy wearing it. Like with all priceless pieces the thought of how to best care for your jewellery is something that we’re often asked upon collection. So here we’ve put together a fools proof guide of maintaining and caring for your bespoke item.

Cleaning your jewellery

Some jewellery can tarnish over time when it’s had exposure to oxygen. 9 carat gold and silver will need polishing. The slight tarnish can make your jewellery look duller and darker. Harder metals such as platinum, palladium won’t tarnish but will scratch over time as jewellery does. We recommend getting all jewellery cleaned by our in house polisher once a year


With everyone’s lives busier than ever it may seem hard to spare a thought for how your jewellery is wearing. Washing up, showering and moisturising will however all take a toll on your stones shine. If you can take the time to simply run your ring under a hot tap and with a mild detergent and soft bristled toothbrush brush over your diamond or gemstone it will prolong your rings finish.


Whether you have a polished or matt shine every day wear can dull your piece of jewellery. If you can we reccomened taking your jewellery off and keeping it somewhere safe for chores. If you’re a gym bunny take it off for that too! 


If you’re ever unsure about the condition of your bespoke piece of jewellery please bring it in to our design studio where our designer will give it the once over. The House of Solus offer a complimentary ring polish upon purchase of your wedding ring, so you can be assured your engagement ring will be stand out against your wedding ring.

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