Get away from it all – Top Honeymoon destinations.

So you’ve done it! The rings, have been chosen, the vows have been made and that magical day has been. Whether you’re planning a mini moon or thinking of packing your bags and jetting overseas to a tropical destination – we thought we’d ask our friends at luxury travel agents Kuoni to give you a helping hand with some ideas of where to pack up and just get away from it all.


Best time to go: November - April
Ideal duration: A week - ten days.

If you’re after that piece of paradise then the Maldives is literally the place to go. A place of uninterrupted serenity, each resort boasts its only private island. What more could you want when starting your new journey as newlyweds? With its crystal clear waters, stunning coral reefs and soft, white sands – the islands have all you need for ultimate relaxation. 

Kuoni suggest that the famous overwater villas are popular with honeymooners. That being said the privacy of the beach villas are just as breathtaking with private outdoor bathrooms and plunge pools. And what more could a happy, newlywed couple need other than a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach? 

Kuoni suggest travelling between November – April. It would be a perfect destination for a bit of winter sun – a perfect destination for those Christmas weddings! Ideally if you’re staying in the one resort then the travel agents recommend staying between a week to ten days. For longer stays you could consider splitting your time over two resorts. Same sex honeymoons in the Maldives are permitted.


Best time to go: November - Febraury
Hotest Months - April - May

Another destination that really is a taste of paradise. Whether you choose to lie on one of their exotic beaches or take in the vast flavours of culture the islands have to offer – there really is something for everyone. Whatever your preference be sure to check out Kuoni’s website as many hotels and resorts offer discounts or complimentary treats for honeymooners. 

The beauty of Thailand is you can really tailor your honeymoon around what you want. Whether you want to go a lively beach resort, prefer the more secluded destinations or want to be nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of city life – Thailand won’t disappoint.

If you want to travel Kuoni will coincide your Thai honeymoon with other Asian islands. It’s worth noting that some islands climate are different to others. Koh Samui and Koh Phangan tend to have more sunshine from May – June, whereas northern Thailand is cooler than Bangkok in the winter and hotter in the summer.


Best time to go: Any
Top destinations: Vegas, San Fransisco , New York, Canada.

Firstly when looking at the States and Canada for a honeymoon destination it’s probably best to first think what kind of honeymoon do we want?If you’re after the glitz and glamour and to really self indulge then the bright light of Vegas will certainly be calling. If you’re after breathtaking views then the Grand Canyon is only s short hop away from Vegas.

That being said New York is very much a city dressed to impress. With the stunning architecture of the city skyline it’s impossible not to fall in love with this place. Kuoni have suggested to perhaps visit New York as a stop gap though to maybe a more tranquil destination such as the Caribbean – as the Big Apple can be quite overwhelming after a few days. 

Another country that’s quickly becoming popular with honeymooners is Canada. With a diverse range of landscapes, culture and grown up cities. If you’re a couple wanting to take advantage of some alone time then why not take a drive up to the Canadian mountains and visit one of the country’s impressive National Parks. Offering stunning scenery and with a wide range of moose, bears and seals to explore in their natural habitat – we can guarantee this place will capture that a once in a lifetime feeling. 


Best time to go: April - October
Top destinations: The Lakes, Venice, Rome, Milan, Sardinia.

We couldn’t have compiled a list of the best honeymoon destinations without Italy making an appearance. Regarded as one of the most romantic places in the world, the country is engulfed in rich history, dramatic coast lines and of course first class cuisine! 

The country is also becoming a favourite wedding destination. If you’ve perhaps tied the knot in the Lakes then why not enjoy a change of scenery and head up to the country’s capital? Rome captures the country’s empirical history and of course it’s home to some of the best food there is! Venice and Milan are a great stop too for art and fashion and of course shopping! 

And for the romance there’s Sardinia. With stunning white sand and turquoise waters – it’s a gorgeous accompaniment to the mountainous scenery. 

Kuoni also offer complimentary honeymoon offers, such as room upgrades, candlelit dinners and spa treatments. 

Their Personal Travel Experts can mix and match flights, hotels and experiences to tailor make your perfect Italy honeymoon.


Best time to go: April - October
Top destinations:

Known for it’s welcoming culture, Bali boasts stunning white sandy beaches and tranquility. 

Kuoni definitely recommend taking a trip to explore the culturally rich island. Why not get away to the jungles of Bali and stay at the stunning Kayon Resort. Voted by Trip Advisor as their most romantic getaway for 2018, the beauty of the jungle along with the warms spas certainly won’t disappoint. 

Bali really is a slice of paradise. Another perk of being newly weds is many resorts and destinations offer fantastic discounts and complimentary extras. 

Its worth noting that Bali’s rainy season is usually between January to March and October to December – so probably not the most ideal for those planning a Christmas Wedding. 


Why bespoke?

With the high street cutting their prices to compete with the ever dominant online market – we explore why the journey of bespoke may be the easiest option.

Choosing a piece of precious jewellery, whether it be an engagement or wedding ring for a loved one or jewellery that symbolises a personal meaning, making that right decision can feel like an overwhelming experience. Shopping around a busy high street or scrolling through endless images on websites can just leave you feeling muddled and even more confused. More often than not the experience of ‘top deals’ and the saturation of fine jewellery can take the sparkle out the experience.

When some hear the word ‘bespoke jewellery’ it can be met with trepedation. Surely there must be a minimum spend for such an intimate and personal service? What if the designer just doesn’t understand what I want. What if I don’t know what I want? Will I be wasting their time?  Believe us – there’s nothing we haven’t heard! We understand that no matter what the budget, each piece created is important and personal; something that can be lost in some shops.

So where do I begin?

Firstly it’s always good to have a vague idea as to what you’re after and your expenditure. Even if you don’t have a precise figure a ball part always works best for us. Secondly – book your appointment. That always helps! Your own House of Solus designer will then be in touch and introduce themselves. They can either call or Skype (for our overseas clients) and will work with your diary to book a date in for your design appointment. We hope after the initial consultation you’ll be feeling a lot more confident and reassured in the bespoke service that we can offer.


The design appointment

Situated on Warstone Lane in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter – The House of Solus design studio is a calm and tranquil setting to begin your customised jewellery design. Unlike the high street we only offer a one on one service. You’ll firstly be introduced to your designer who will get an understanding of your budget and what kind of design you’re after. Don’t worry if you have no idea! That’s why we’re here!

Your designer will engage the type of style your warming towards and start designing it on our latest CAD technology in front of you. We understand that designing a piece of jewellery from scratch can seem daunting which is why we’re here to make your life as easy as possible. This is where you can really see your bespoke jewellery come to life. If you’d prefer to see a sketch of your design instead of a computerised image – we can do that too! We will work with you until you are completely satisfied.


This personal service really is the beauty of bespoke. I’m sure we’ve all been there where we’ve been scrolling through the internet over endless pages of designs and we’ve felt our brains slowly become overloaded. I’m pretty sure we’ve all also been in a busy high street store where we’ve not felt that special shopping experience that high street retailers are trying so desperately to achieve. The high street has just delivered it’s worst performance in 12 years. With consumer spending habits being upredictable and volatile there loads the question within the jewellery industry – are you getting true quality for your money? Non certified diamonds and plated metal is unfortunately becoming more and more common. Imported diamonds and precious gems are also on the rise – with many jewellery stores wanting to undercut. With all these factors in mind it can be difficult for retailers to offer that one on one service without a time restraint. As they say time is money. Because our design studio is by appointment only, you will get that service your after without any interruption. The reason we also ask your budget for your jewellery is not to be rude or gauge if you’re worth spending time on. It’s to guarantee that we will find the most ethical way of sourcing your jewellery design.


At the end of the final production – your designer will get in touch to arrange a collection. Your jeweller will discuss how to best care for your specific piece of jewellery so it lasts a lifetime. This is the perfect time to ask any questions too. 

In the last three years we constantly hear about how easy the process was from start to finish. Word of mouth is a pretty powerful thing so there’s no better feeling than a customer leaving saying that they will recommend us to family and friends. It reassures us that in a world of retail uncertainty that we can be certain the beauty of bespoke is the way forward.


How to care for your jewellery

So you’ve had your design consultation, you’ve waited for that special piece to be made just for you and now it’s time for you to enjoy wearing it. Like with all priceless pieces the thought of how to best care for your jewellery is something that we’re often asked upon collection. So here we’ve put together a fools proof guide of maintaining and caring for your bespoke item.

Cleaning your jewellery

Some jewellery can tarnish over time when it’s had exposure to oxygen. 9 carat gold and silver will need polishing. The slight tarnish can make your jewellery look duller and darker. Harder metals such as platinum, palladium won’t tarnish but will scratch over time as jewellery does. We recommend getting all jewellery cleaned by our in house polisher once a year


With everyone’s lives busier than ever it may seem hard to spare a thought for how your jewellery is wearing. Washing up, showering and moisturising will however all take a toll on your stones shine. If you can take the time to simply run your ring under a hot tap and with a mild detergent and soft bristled toothbrush brush over your diamond or gemstone it will prolong your rings finish.


Whether you have a polished or matt shine every day wear can dull your piece of jewellery. If you can we reccomened taking your jewellery off and keeping it somewhere safe for chores. If you’re a gym bunny take it off for that too! 


If you’re ever unsure about the condition of your bespoke piece of jewellery please bring it in to our design studio where our designer will give it the once over. The House of Solus offer a complimentary ring polish upon purchase of your wedding ring, so you can be assured your engagement ring will be stand out against your wedding ring.